How To Transform Everyday Skills Into Making Money Online

Think you’re underqualified for online jobs? Think again. As long as you can do these simple tasks, you could get hired today.

Take a minute to contemplate all the things you do every single day. As you start to look closer, you may realize that you have specific skills that are “job-like.”

For instance, you’re reading this article right now. That takes a particular skill. If you type something up to a friend, that takes skill too. And so on.

Although these little skills and tasks may seem mundane, some people will pay you to do them. Why would anyone pay for such things? Because they usually don’t have time to do it themselves, and that’s where you can come in handy.

Before we begin looking at online jobs you can get by applying your everyday skills, let’s talk about competition.

The Internet gives people all over the world the opportunity to work from home. In other words, there is competition in this online job space.

Does this mean you won’t get hired? No. It just means you must be patient if you’re first starting, so don’t get down if you don’t get hired instantly.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some simple online jobs that can help you start stacking cash from the comfort of your couch.

If You Can Read and Are a Perfectionist, Become a Proofreader.

Are you good at spotting spelling and grammar errors? Are you the type of person who finds spelling errors on a menu and points them out to the manager? If so, you can get paid by proofreading text for clients.

Proofreading jobs are all over the Net. Search for them via Google, or sign up to freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and you’ll see them in scores.

If someone asks for your specific experience and you don’t have any, offer up a freebie. Tell them you’ll proofread a quick piece at no cost. If the client likes your work, they can hire you and start paying for the service.

This freebie offer is a great way to get your foot in the door with any online job, so try it regardless of what your skill or service you’re providing.

Once you get that first client, you can build your portfolio and profile. You can then ask them for referrals via word of mouth. To entice them into giving you other clients, you can offer a discount on your regular price as an incentive.

If You Can Listen and Type, Become a Transcriptionist.

Do your friends say you’re a great listener? Take that skill (and yes, it is undoubtedly a skill) and transform it into transcribing work.

When you transcribe, you’ll be asked to listen carefully to a piece of audio and type what you hear. It’s a rather simple gig that lets you set your hours and get paid up to $25 per hour.

If You Can Type, Do Data Entry.

It may not be the most fun job in the world, but data entry can pay the bills. As long as you can type and are accurate at entering data into spreadsheets and the like, clients will pay you for it.

If You Can Multitask and Organize, Become a Virtual Assistant.

Do you juggle several tasks every day like paying bills, answering the phone, writing emails, etc.? Then you can become someone else’s virtual assistant and do the same for them.

It’s like being a personal assistant without the need to:

  1. Have a formal interview.
  2. Get dressed in business clothing every day.
  3. Sit in an office for hours on end.

In short, you can get around the same pay without the pain associated with a typical job.

Natalia Stephens

Natalia crafts informative articles on many subjects that affect peoples lives. With an eye on her own loved ones, her writing engages and resonates with younger and older adults alike. Her background includes a bachelor's degree in journalism and more than six years as a writer and researcher covering topics like retirement, senior care, and health. She also writes about college, vocational training, and career planning.